Backlot Stunt Roller Coaster at Kings Dominion

Park: 12 PM - 8 PM | Waterpark: 12 PM - 6 PM | View Hours

Kings Dominion will be open from 12 PM to 8 PM on July 17 - August 1 for Grand Carnivale. Grand Carnivale kicks off at 4 PM.

Backlot Stunt Coaster
Non-Stop Action from Start to Finish

Have you ever watched an absolutely insane chase scene in a movie and thought, hey, I could totally be a stunt car driver like that? At Kings Dominion, we’ve got your chance of a lifetime! Our Backlot Stunt Coaster ride is a state-of-the-art linear induction motor launch coaster that delivers a no-holds-barred, high-speed experience like none you’ve ever experienced before.

Your stunt-driving training begins with an unheard-of acceleration of 0 to 40 miles per hour in – wait for it – three seconds. Yes, seconds. The helter-skelter chase proceeds through a parking garage via a series of crazy helixes and then up, down and all-around a fleet of police cars, around high-banked turns, and much more – all the while trying to dodge repeated gunfire. Worn out yet? We’re just getting started! Backlot Stunt Coaster is your ultimate destination for non-stop, white-knuckle action from start to finish.

Fun Facts:

  • A roller coaster that families enjoy riding together.
  • Non-stop action from start to finish with a series of twists, turns, and drops.
  • A favorite of young teens.
1960 feet
40 MPH
2 Minutes

Rider Safety Information

Min Height
  • Maximum 1 guest per seat
  • Maximum 300 lbs. person
  • Guests with the following conditions are prohibited from riding:
    • Recent surgery
    • Heart trouble/High Blood Pressure
    • Neck trouble
    • Back Trouble
    • Pregnant
    • Or any physical conditions that may be aggravated by this ride
  • All restraint systems must be positioned and fastened properly
  • Remain seated facing forward in an upright position and hold on until the ride comes to a complete stop
  • Keep all parts of your body inside car at all times
  • Secure all items or leave items in a locker or with a non-rider. No photography
  • Leg casts are prohibited
  • Alternate access through exit- TRANSFERABLE