Rent Strollers, Wheelchairs or Lockers at Kings Dominion

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Single Stroller Rental

Rent a single stroller for your visit to the park.

Double Stroller Rental

Rent a double stroller for your visit to the park.

Manual Wheelchair Rental

Rent a manual wheelchair for your visit to the park.

Electric Wheelchair Rental

Rent an electric wheelchair for your visit to the park.

Electric Wheelchair with Canopy Rental

Rent an electric wheelchair with a sun shade canopy for your visit to the park.

plus applicable taxes and fees

2022 Season Pass Locker Rentals

Keep your valuables secured all season when you add Season Pass Locker Rentals to your 2022 Season Pass. For one price, get one standard size locker rental during each visit in 2022.

Valid during 2022 visits. Ride Lockers not included.

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Season Pass Locker Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, because the system checks the barcode of your Pass when you redeem, this program is only available to Season Passholders.

Unfortunately, there are no Platinum options for this program. The Season Pass Locker Rentals will only be available at Kings Dominion at this time.

Lockers are assigned randomly on a first come, first serve basis by the kiosk, so you will have a different locker each time you redeem your rental.

While sellouts are rare, they occasionally occur on high volume dates.  The program does not guarantee that a Standard locker will be available for you at all times of day in your preferred locker location.  If you are visiting on a busy day, please plan to arrive early and redeem your rental soon after you arrive.

When you scan your Season Pass at the locker kiosk, you will create a 4-digit PIN that will open your locker.  Do not share your PIN with anyone outside your party. You will be asked to create a PIN each time you redeem your rental.

Due to limited capacity, discounts are not available on Large and Jumbo lockers.

Please empty your locker prior to leaving the park. All lockers reset overnight and will be issued to a different guest the following operating day. Items left in the locker overnight will be removed and taken to Lost and Found.

Yes, the main Soak City rental area remains accessible after Soak City closes.  

Yes, subject to availability.

Your Season Pass Locker Rental is only good once per day, so you will not be able to move your rental after you redeem for the day.