Guests with Disabilities at Kings Dominion

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First and foremost, Kings Dominion is about fun. Fun for everyone. Here you'll find everything you need to know about navigating and enjoying the park and all of its experiences for those with disabilities. And if you can't find the answers here, feel free to download our Guest Assistance Guide or stop by any of our Guest Services areas at the front gate or throughout the park.

At Kings Dominion, we are proud of our reputation for accommodating guests with disabilities through our Ride Admission Policy. To provide equal access for all guests, we have developed a Boarding Pass Program which allows guests with mobility restrictions or cognitive impairment to access attractions at specified times via the Alternate Access Entrance (usually the ride’s exit or Fast Lane entrance) in order to avoid crowds and waiting in the regular lines.

Guests who are in possession of a Boarding Pass will be entitled to arrive at the eligible ride of their choice any time after receipt of the Boarding Pass. When the guest arrives at the Alternate Access Entrance of the ride, the guest will receive the next ride time (an actual time) based on the wait time of the attraction on which the guest has selected to participate first. The guest will be welcomed to participate, then be required to wait until the time indicated on the Boarding Pass before being permitted to participate on the next attraction of choice. When that time arrives, the guest should use the Alternate Access Entrance and show the pass to the ride associate, who will assist the guest and their group with participating as well as issuing their next time based on that attraction’s wait time. The process will continue throughout the day. Guests may then choose to rest comfortably away from the queue area until their boarding time.

Information about where guests access the ride is posted on each ride’s Safety Guide sign. All guests, regardless of point of access, are required to meet all riding requirements for the ride, including height and medical restrictions in order to safely ride/participate.

For a complete listing of guidelines when using the Alternate Access entrances, please download our Guest Assistance Guide.

Here’s How it Works:

  • The guest with a mobility restriction or cognitive impairment should visit Guest Services or First Aid upon their arrival at the park to express their inability to wait in the regular line. Some questions are asked to ensure that the rider has the required physical criteria in order to safely experience rides, and a Boarding Pass is issued for the guest in question and up to 3 riding companions.
  • In addition to a Boarding Pass, the guest with a mobility restriction or cognitive impairment will receive a “Rider Access Form” that lists the rides that the guest with a disability can safely enjoy.
  • The guest may proceed to the eligible ride of their choice after receipt of the Boarding Pass. 
  • When the guest arrives at the Alternate Access Entrance of the ride, the associate will issue the guest’s next ride time (an actual time) based on the wait time of the ride the guest has selected first. The guest will be welcomed to ride, and then will be required to wait until the time indicated on the Boarding Pass before being permitted to participate on the next ride of choice. When that time arrives, the guest should use the Alternate Access Entrance and show the pass to the associate, who will assist the guest and their group with participating as well as issuing their next time based on that ride's wait time. The process will continue throughout the day.
  • The guest listed on the Boarding Pass must be present as a rider when a Boarding Pass is being utilized.
  • Guests may not accumulate more than one boarding time at a time and issued boarding times must fall within regular park operating hours.
  • Due to the nature of the attractions in Soak City, Alternate Access and Boarding Passes may only be utilized at the Lazy Rider via one of the exit walkways. Boarding Passes, however, are required for Halloween Mazes if the maze has a line.

When you arrive at the park, please proceed to Guest Services located at the Front Gate.

  • Please have the individual requiring accommodation accompany you to Guest Services.
  • A pass may be issued depending on the needs of your group, including a boarding pass used for scheduling times to ride attractions.
  • Here at Guest Services, we offer KidTrack, a wrist band program, which will assist you and park personnel in reuniting your group should you become separated.
  • We also offer Parent Swap. This allows one parent to ride while another parent waits with the child. When the ride is complete, the parents swap child responsibility at the exit.
  • Additionally, if you need to rent a stroller, wheelchair or locker, proceed to Stroller Rental adjacent to Guest Services inside the front gate.
  • Please re-visit Guest Services if you need any additional help with your day.

We also recommend that as an added safety measure you take a photo of members of your party (especially if you have a child with ASD who tends to dart away or wander off) on your mobile device. This photo can be of great assistance to quickly reunite your party if you are separated.

During your visit:

  • Guests who wear headphones of any type will not be able to wear them while riding our attractions. We have available disposable ear protection for use at Guest Services.
  • If you are separated during your visit, please contact any park employee for assistance.
  • Ride delays may occur while riding and members of your party may be required to sit quietly until the ride is restarted or guests are escorted off the ride.
  • Please be aware, if an evacuation is required, guests may need to maneuver across catwalks from the highest point of the ride and down steeply inclined steps.
  • If you have any doubts whatsoever about an attraction’s appropriateness for the individual with ASD, please have someone in your party ride it first to make an informed determination.

Kings Dominion offers our guests several restful attractions and quiet places that your party can enjoy during the day.  The park has a first aid station next to the Eiffel Tower and Family Care Center in Planet Snoopy. Additionally, air-conditioned restaurants provide a nice break from the sensory stimulation. 

Kings Dominion is a wonderful destination for families and friends to visit. Our goal is to make your experience at the park both smooth and full of family-fun. Please let us know if you have any further questions by contacting 804-876-5000 or by talking to a Guest Services representative at the park.

Guests with disabilities should stop by Guest Services located at the Front Gate upon arrival at the park. A brochure (Guest Assistance Guide) detailing the many special accommodations and our Ride Admissions Policy is available from Guest Services.

A limited supply of wheelchairs, electric convenience vehicles (ECV), and strollers are available for rent at the Upgrade Your Day Center located inside the main gate.  A valid photo ID or driver’s license is necessary for rental. All wheelchairs, ECV’s, and strollers are rented on a first-come, first-served basis. Guests may also reserve wheelchairs, ECV’s and strollers at least one day in advance of their visit online on our Rentals page.

Guests that require the use of an Alternate Access Entrance to enter a ride are advised to visit Guest Services to obtain a Ride Admissions list and Guest Assistance Guide.  The Guest Assistance Guide explains the entry guidelines and procedures and provides specific information related to each attraction. 

Assisted listening devices are available at all Theaters and Show Facilities. Ask any associate at these locations for assistance.

If requested at least 1 week in advance, Kings Dominion will provide American Sign Language (ASL) Interpretation for live shows featured at our live entertainment venues. 

To request ASL Interpretation services, please complete the request form. Upon arrival at the park, please check in with Guest Services to review our show schedule and determine your preferred showtimes and selections.

Service animals are welcome at King Dominion. A service animal is defined as a dog or miniature pony that has been individually trained to perform tasks for a person with disabilities. We may ask you what task your service animal performs for you. Service animals must be controlled with a “restraining device” at all times while on our property. There is a limit of one service animal per guest. Due to the nature of most rides, service animals must remain with a non-riding member of your party. We are not permitted to take control of your service animal. Service animals are not permitted in water attractions, wet decks, wading pools, or lazy rivers. A relief area is located next to First Aid on International Street. Please stop by Guest Services for more information.

Guests with casts and braces will be restricted from riding rides where the cast or brace will not fit inside the ride unit or where it will present a hazard to the guest or others.  Guests with full arm (elbow restricted) and full leg (knee restricted) casts or braces are restricted from most rides and water slides at Kings Dominion.  We suggest you delay your visit until the cast is removed.  Braces with exposed metal parts are not permitted on the slides in Soak City.

Casts of any kind are not allowed on Dominator, Drop Tower, and Zoom Flume.   Any type of foot or leg cast is not allowed on Backlot Stunt Coaster and Flight of Fear.

Guests with any type of prosthesis should not ride unless they can ensure the device is properly secured and will remain in place during the ride. All riders must be able to maintain the proper riding positioning. Additionally, prosthetic devices with exposed metal parts are not permitted on most Soak City attractions. Guests should visit Guest Services prior to riding to ensure a safe riding experience.

The manufacturers of the following rides require that guests with prosthetic devices provide Kings Dominion with documentation from the provider of their prosthetic device to guarantee that the device has been designed to remain securely in place while exceeding a maximum speed of 120 miles per hour with maximum G forces from -1.5 G’s to 5G’s with a sufficient safety factor for single-point failure items:


Drop Tower (leg prosthesis only)

Intimidator™ 305

Prosthetics are NOT allowed on the following:

  • Flight of Fear
  • Dominator (leg prosthesis not allowed)
  • WindSeeker (a rider with more than one lower body prosthetic is not allowed)

Guests with certain amputations may be able to ride Dominator with the use of a separate full body harness provided the guest has remaining leg and arm remnants to be secured by the harness. Guests should check with Guest Services to determine if they are eligible to ride using the full-body harness.