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Getting your Pre-K Pass for FREE is as easy as 1-2-3!

Maggie Sellers

Communications Manager

Did you hear? The Pre-K Pass is back for 2018! If you haven’t already heard about this incredible FREE season pass offer for kids ages 3-5 – take a look at this, then come back to me. If you have, keep going, I’ve got important things to share.

This pass is easy peasy lemon squeezy – your child gets FREE admission the rest of THIS season and all of 2018 – including the new WinterFest! –in just 3 steps:

Step 1: Register your child online

Click here to register for the FREE Pre-K Pass. You’ll go through the same steps as if you’re buying a pass, but won’t have to pay a dime. You will also have the option to upload a photo of the child. This could save you time, especially if your child is wiggly and doesn’t like to take pictures. 

Now, you might be saying “I registered and activated my child for a free Pre-k Pass for 2017….do I have to do this again?”

The answer is yes. This pass isn’t “renewable” so the child has to register each year they are eligible. But have no fear – you’re a free-pre-k-pass-pro by now so you’ve got this. I believe in you. 

Step 2: Bring your child to the park and activate the pass by May 28, 2018.

Pro-tip: Do this step as soon as possible. The sooner you activate your child’s Pre-k Pass, the more visits you can receive this season (any public operating day from now until October 29!)

Come to the park any public operating day to activate the pass. Head to the Season Pass Processing Center located just outside the front gate (if you’re looking at the front gate, it will be on your left). Bring the following with you:

• The registration confirmation or e-ticket

• The child who is receiving the pass

• The child’s birth certificate or travel passport (original or copy)

If you have all of these things, you’ll be in-and-out in no time. 

If you uploaded a photo of your child at registration, your child still must be present at the time of processing. There could have been an error with the photo, or it might not have met our photo guidelines and a new photo will need to be taken. The pass will not be activated unless the child who is receiving it is present.

Remember: The pass must be registred online and activated at the park by May 28, 2018.

Step 3: Play! 

You did it! You successfully registered and activated your child’s Pre-k Pass and can enjoy 4 seasons of fun at the park. Grab a Gold Season Pass for yourself so you can join in on the fun!

The second best part of this FREE pass (aside from, you know, unlimited free visits) is the ability to add season-long upgrades to make the most of each visit. With the All-Season Dining Plan, you don’t have to worry about cooking or dishes, enjoy Lunch and Dinner each time you visit at the park! We’ve got options for everyone at our many participating locations including Chick-fil-A. With the Season Pass Drink Plan you can stay hydrated all season and fill up every 15 minutes. Then, capture every moment with FunPix and get unlimited digital downloads of their first coaster ride on the Great Pumpkin Coaster all the way through each time they want to visit Santa at WinterFest. 

All of this sounds great – but what if you’re one of the few whose child will turn 6 before May 28, 2018?

Your child must still be 5 at the time of processing. So, if they don’t turn 6 until say…January 2018, you are still able to register online and visit the park this fall with your child before October 29, 2017 to activate the pass.

If you registered your child when they are 5, but come to activate the pass and they have turned 6, they are unfortunately no longer eligible.

Still have questions? Be sure to check out our FAQs on the Pre-K Pass here. Parents -- if you haven't already, be sure to get your Gold Season Pass and enjoy 4 season of fun and free parking! 


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Maggie Sellers

Communications Manager

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