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Snoopy vs. Red Baron

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Snoopy vs. Red Baron

Snoopy vs. Red Baron

Pilot your own fighter plane!

Snoopy is on the hunt for the Red Baron and he needs your help! Can you lend a hand (or a paw)?

If you’re a PEANUTS™ fan, you know that America’s favorite beagle isn’t your everyday dog. His idea of play isn’t with the typical chew toys or bones. He daydreams of a world in which he is the World War I Flying Ace, on a continuous mission to keep the skies safe from the bad guys. From his trusty biplane (also known as his doghouse) he battles the evil Red Baron – but he can’t do it alone. The Flying Ace needs help! Young fighter pilots can join the mission, choosing one of the colorful, miniature fighter planes and hopping on board. Once in the pilot seat, kiddos will take the controls and determine their own experience on the Snoopy vs. Red Baron ride -- dip or climb, mild or wild!

Fun Facts:

  • Also named Snagglepuss’ Seaplanes, Dick Dastardly’s Airfield, and Red Baron
  • Features eight, two-passenger planes.
  • Opened in 1990, and re-themed in 2013.