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Planet Snoopy Expansion

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Planet Snoopy Expansion

Planet Snoopy has been a family fun favorite at Kings Dominion since 2013. We've made room for even more fun, laughs and thrills by adding three new thrill rides for your family. We've expanded the Planet Snoopy experience even further by including a new event space and upgraded food and beverage locations!

Kings Dominion Planet Snoopy Expansion Kite Eating Tree

Kite Eating Tree

Charlie Brown’s kite is stuck in a tree again, can you help get it down? Children will be propelled to the top of the tower and bounce down to the platform as they experience sensations of weightlessness.

Kings Dominion Plane Snoopy Expansion Sally's Sea Plane

Sally's Sea Plane

Join Sally as she soars through the air high above the sea! Kids and their parents are in store for an adventure with a trip on Sally’s airplane. Take a trip round-and-round on this giant plane as it rotates and rises into the air.

Kings Dominion Planet Snoopy Expansion Peanuts 500


Pick your car and rev up the engine with the Peanuts™ crew on this fun car ride that is the perfect size for your little racers. Start your engines and hit the track in race cars designed for parents and children to ride together as they move in a circle and whip around the corner on a closed track.

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