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Special Dietary Needs

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Special Dietary Needs

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Dining Options for Everyone

Kings Dominion offers a wide variety of foods. If you adhere to a specific dietary regimen or have food allergies, please speak to a food and beverage Supervisor for guidance and recommendations. Our staff will be happy to provide manufacturer ingredient lists upon request. Due to high volume production, Kings Dominion food locations cannot accommodate or guarantee separation of cooking surfaces. Those guests who suffer from sensitive or life threatening allergies (such as peanuts) should exercise extreme caution as foods are transported, stored and prepared in close proximity.

The following options are available to guests with special dietary requirements. Upon receiving your order, please ensure that each item is correct and prepared as ordered (e.g. correct condiments).

Below is a list of our menu offerings that may accommodate guests who follow special diets. Some menu items are prepared only when ordered, so additional wait time may be required. Please refer to the park map for locations of restaurants listed below.

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Gluten-Friendly Foods

  • Personal Size Cheese Pizzas –Available at  Pizza Parlor, Victoria’s Pizza, and Sharky’s Eats
  • Gluten-free hamburger buns – Hungry Hippo, Jukebox Diner (ask for supervisor when ordering)
  • French Fries – dedicated “french-fry-only” fryers are used at Hungry Hippo. Requests for gluten free fries should be made when ordering
  • Garden and Chef Salads – Available at many locations throughout the park; Honey French Dressing is our gluten-free salad dressing option
  • Dippin’ Dots – Available at carts throughout the park and at Safari Dippin' Dots and Snoopy’s Snack Shack (Cookies n’ Cream and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough are NOT gluten-free)
  • Soft Frozen Lemonade – At Carts throughout the park
  • Cotton Candy –Available at Carts and by walk-around vendors
  • Italian Ice - All Rita's Italian Ice flavors are gluten free  except for Birthday Cake and Cookie Dough

Vegetarian / Healthier Options

  • Garden and Chef Salads – Available at many locations throughout the park
  • GoGo SqueeZ applesauce is available at many locations and may be substituted for french-fries on most combo meals
  • Vegetarian Taco Salad available at Border Burrito 
  • Veggie Delite sub-sandwiches are available at Subway
  • Malibu Vegan Organic Veggie Burger is available at Wayside Grill, Hungry Hippo and Juke Box Diner
  • Whole fruit, fresh fruit cups, veggie cups, baked Lay's, baked Doritos, Nature Valley granola bars, Kashi Bars and Clif Bars are available at the at the Marketplace Carts in Safari Village and in Planet Snoopy.


Use of Peanuts and Peanut Oil

  • Peanut oil is used in the following locations: Both Chick-fil-A locations and our Boardwalk Fries locations
  • Locations that use nuts as ingredients or toppings for menu items include ANY location that sell: fresh-baked cookies, fudge, candied nuts, ice cream, caramel/candy apples, and brownies
  • Cinnabon uses Pecans for the Caramel Pecan Bun

Sugar-Free Options

  • Butter Pecan Ice Cream sweetened with SPLENDA® is available at Fountain & Floats
  • Diet Coke is available at all restaurants that serve fountain drinks. Coke Zero is available at: many locations
  • Dasani bottled water is available at all food locations and throughout the park at carts and vending machines
  • Rita's and Sweetfrog offer sugar free options daily