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Meet the X-Plorer: Gerald Winston Whey

Allysa Harris |
March 9, 2022

Before the Whey Foundation’s grand opening of Jungle X-Pedition on March 12, it’s time to meet the x-plorer who started it all: Professor Gerald Winston Whey.

Gerald Winston Whey was a renowned professor of archaeology and anthropology as well as an avid member of the Manhattan Explorers Society. After his military service in World War I, Whey became an x-perienced pilot whose preferred method of x-ploration was his personal aircraft, an Arvo 621 Tutor (nicknamed ‘The Tin Goose’). "Airborne exploration allowed him to follow the Society's main tenant: Exploring without destroying," said fellow club associate Lucia Ruiz.

For over a decade, Professor Whey made multiple x-peditions to remote areas of the jungle to locate the ruins of an ancient temple complex referred to as “X.” During these adventures, Whey discovered several temples hidden deep in the bush built to celebrate and connect with the jungle’s creatures. Ironically, it wasn’t his hard work and dedication to finding the area that led him to these discoveries…

On April 12, 1935, a defective compass and faulty fuel line led to Professor Whey’s crash into site “X,” where he eventually discovered Tumbili before being rescued by his fellow x-plorers. Since his rescue, Professor Whey could not relocate the temples and began doubting his findings.  

Fast forward to today, Professor Whey’s great-granddaughter, Alexandria Whey, has since rediscovered the site and spent the last 22 years uncovering 3 unique temples and getting the area ready to the public to share in the wonders Jungle X-Pedition provides.

There are still many more temples and mysteries to be uncovered and discovered at the Jungle X-Pedition base camp. Be sure to follow the KD Blog and socials @kingsdominionva to stay up to date on new discoveries coming to Jungle X-Pedition.