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Meet Reptilian

Allysa Harris |
January 24, 2022

Nearly 80 years after the discovery of Tumbili by Professor Whey, another temple was uncovered by archaeology professor, Rovin Jay, in Jungle X.

While leading a project for the Whey Foundation, Professor Rovin Jay and his team uncovered a temple dedicated to the powerful reptile, a crocodile. The builders of this temple were awed and terrified by the creature's deceivingly stealthy yet quick movement. According to the scripts within the site, the temple is named Reptilian.

Here's a closer look into his findings:

The crocodiles of the jungle zig zag their way through a muddy, clay environment. Professor Whey's color samples indicate three different types of mud, as shown above. Explorers of Jungle X-Pedition can slide through the temple in similar conditions. 

In the temple, explorers have the chance to ride these powerful creatures through the jungle. Just be careful, their stealthy yet quick movements will create quite the high-speed adventure!

The Whey Foundation is just scratching the surface of Professor Whey's discoveries in site "X." Are you ready to take on Reptilian in 2022?