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Kings Dominion is Now on Spotify

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Kings Dominion is Now on Spotify

Nicole Del Rosario

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Do you ever get the feeling when you walk into the park and it’s like you unlocked a childhood memory you didn’t know existed? The atmosphere is so nostalgic and beautiful that you just can’t help it.

Each part of the park has a different vibe and something unique to offer. A huge aspect of that, especially for me, is the music.

That’s why we made a Spotify full of area specific playlists that will transport you to Kings Dominion through music. From International Street all the way to Safari Village, we’ve got you covered!

International Street

Even if you might not know these songs by the title, you will surely know them when you hear them. This playlist feels like those exciting summer days when you can’t wait to step through the gates and be greeted by the shimmering fountains.

Full of fun polka, Italian orchestras, and romantic French tunes, this array of songs will bring a smile to your face.

>>> Click here to listen to the International Street playlist. <<<

Old Virginia

Chock-full of folksy country tracks and blue-grass covers of your favorite jams to match the woodsy, old-time feel of Old Virginia, this playlist will make you feel like you’re cruising down Blue Ridge Tollway or like you’re chowing down on a turkey leg at Country Kitchen.

>>> Click here to listen to the Old Virginia playlist. <<<

Candy Apple Grove

With these classic Rock ‘n’ Roll hits, this sweet playlist will make it feel like you are putting quarters into a juke box at the diner. Just imagine you’re dancing along Candy Apple Grove to these oldies!

>>> Click here to listen to the Candy Apple Grove playlist. <<<

Safari Village

The percussive beats and sounds of nature will make you feel like you’re in the middle of a safari. Just watch out for the wild animals lurking around the corner…

>>> Click here to listen to the Safari Village playlist. <<<

Planet Snoopy

Bring Franklin’s Dance Party to your house with this playlist! Let the kids let out their wiggles and show off their best dance moves with these fun, upbeat pop songs.

>>> Click here to listen to the Planet Snoopy playlist. <<<

Listen in your car, in the shower, while you clean — whatever makes you happiest!


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Nicole Del Rosario

Digital Marketing Coordinator

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