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We're Thankful For...

Maggie Sellers

Communications Manager

We have plenty to be thankful for this year, including the hundreds of thousands of guests that have walked through our gate so far in 2019. We unveiled and held new events in Grand Carnivale and Monster Jam Thunder Alley™️, announced our plan for the all-new children’s area coming to Soak City in 2020, Coconut Shores, and have enjoyed another year of thrilling rides, brilliant entertainment and engaging events.

Although the year isn’t over yet, as WinterFest is now open select nights through January 1, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on all that we’ve experienced this year and why we’re so thankful to call this park home. We also reached out to you all through our social media channels and asked why YOU were thankful for Kings Dominion. Here are just some of the answers we received, as well as the reasons we’re thankful for our beautiful park.

Rides & Attractions

“I can ride world class coasters” - @awiissee

“My first Giga and RMC coasters. Got me into being a coaster enthusiast” - @bjf0708

 “Because I have an insane giga and RMC an hour and a half away from my house” - @pioneer_thrills

“It provides all the thrills I need” - @tsobball

“Because it’s one of the best places in the world and I mean… roller coasters” - @poptarts_for_all34

“Because there’s rollercoasters!! Duhh!!” - @https._.bailee

“It has helped me overcome my fears and become an enthusiast” - @trevor_comer1

“Twisted Timbers & Intimidator! Your park is so beautiful! One of the best in the world and we’re happy to be platinum pass holders! - @BrandonStoff

“I’m thankful for my favorite rides Boo Blasters, Intimidator 305, Twisted Timbers, and Anaconda!” – Rocky Tuck

“I'm thankful for your park having one of my top 5 coasters (Dominator), a place where an enthusiast can encounter one of Dale Earnhardt Sr.'s themed attractions (I-305) and where I received my first RMC experience in Twisted Timbers. Looking forward to next season as usual.” – Steve Allen


“I am thankful that you guys have all these different events every year.” - @kayla.sawyer11

 “I’m thankful for all of the captivating atmospheres created around the park for each season, from Haunt to Carnivale to WinterFest!” – Dylan Schutze

“I'm thankful for the wonderful concerts that are held in the Pavilion, like KingsFest and the happy memories that my daughter and I have made at Kings Dominion. Love the enjoyment my daughter has when she gets to ride Twisted Timbers and Racer 75.” – Mary Griffith

“For allowing me to perform in amazing shows the entertainment department puts on” - @tasmaniangrenade


“I love that I grew up there and now my children get to grow up there!” - @cbidwell

 “I’m thankful for the many years of fun and memories the park has given me. My parents started bringing me there in the 70s and now I bring my son. I also bring my dad during WinterFest. So many wonderful memories there!” – April Canter Watts

“I am thankful for Kings Dominion because it gave me many of my favorite childhood memories. I've been going there since I was 2 years old! Even as an adult, I love spending time at KD with my friends and family.” – Sarah Ellen Peterson

“I am thankful for the memories I’ve made while visiting Kings Dominion. My first visits were as a kid with my parents and siblings. Over the years, I went from being the kid to taking kids to taking grandkids. New memories are made each visit and yet I get to enjoy the memories from prior visits.” – Scott Fogleman

Family, Friendships & Relationships

“I’m thankful because it’s a wonderful place to bring friends and family and spend time together” -

“I met my wonderful and beautiful girlfriend who just happens to be a ride op at Twisted Timbers” - @coastincoasters

“I wouldn’t have made the friends that I’ve made without Kings Dominion” - @gress_gtg

“Because of the many memories I have made here with family and friends, including my work family!” - @michaelscull220

“I am thankful because it’s where I go to relieve stress and make great memories with my family” - @josh.walt

“I’m thankful for Kings Dominion because when I’m there I can live in the moment with friends” - @lunaeve_2

“Gives my kids something fun to do during the summer” - @tayloranntallman

“I’m thankful for a place for my son and I to get away for a day, or a weekend, anytime of the year. We both enjoy the shows, rides, entertainment of Kings Dominion. We’ve been going since he could walk, and he just turned 16! Still our favorite destination!” – Dawn Catharine

“I’m thankful for so many things about KD, but most significantly, to have met my fiancé working as Haunt scare actors in the same maze back in 2017” – Andrew Muise

“I’m thankful for the way my family connects over the love of roller coasters. I’ve been coming to the park since I was a child and I love being able to share it with my own children. I am thankful that the park makes it so easy for my child with autism to enjoy himself.” – Christina Willis

“I’m thankful for all the friends I’ve made since I first applied this season as a ride op. Now I’m a board operator at Twisted Timbers! If I didn’t apply here, I wouldn’t have met my boyfriend. Next season will hopefully be just as great” – Erica Scholz

“It brings joy to my 5-year-old daughter. She enjoys thrill rides and ice cream with sprinkles.” - @parrisisles

“I'm thankful for Kings Dominion because I enjoy going with the grandkids and family. Season passes are early Christmas presents for my family. Can't wait for WinterFest to begin on my birthday.” – Cathy G. Mitchell

Park Itself

“I’m thankful for the sheer beauty of Kings Dominion.” - @mid.atlantic.thrills

“Freedom to be a grown-up kid!” - @bigvacdaddy

“Affordable for my family!! We renewed our passes for next year!! We enjoyed WinterFest last year.” – Rebekah Galyen

“I’m thankful for the cozy “home park” feel you provide, especially during the holidays.” – Jason Borucki

“I’m thankful for the park in many different ways. You all are doing well, and I enjoy visiting the park each part of the season. We’ve been Passholders for quite a while, and the perks are wonderful. I definitely recommend this park to everyone!” – Cody Baker

“I’m thankful for KD because you guys have the most amazing rides on earth and the workers are always extremely friendly and serve me with a smile. You guys are the best park out there and can’t wait for the 2020 season” – Michael Christian Weather

“I’m thankful for Kings Dominion because it is a big stress reliever for us, and it gives us fun things to do every weekend. We look forward to kings Dominion because of all the fun activities and events they plan. With great rides, food and merchandise this is definitely my top-rated recommendation for people to visit.” – Haley Lotts

“We are thankful for great rides, awesome food, fantastic pass member perks, and a fun family park.” – Stacy Ann Purcell

“The singing mushrooms, I305, Good rides ops, and various other things, thanks!” - @j0jo_bizaar

“Thankful for the memories made with my family, and thankful for the all you can drink cup and all-day dining plan. Saves us a ton!!!!” – Linda Canham

At the end of the day, we thank YOU, our guests and associates, for making 2019 another year to remember. But like we said, the fun isn’t over yet! WinterFest continues select nights through January 1, including a New Years Celebration on December 31. We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and hope to see you all throughout the remainder of the season!

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Maggie Sellers

Communications Manager

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