Soak City Lifeguards Perfect Ellis Audit

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Soak City Lifeguards Perfect Ellis Audit

Abby Morrow |
August 29, 2019

Although summer is winding down, it’s been another great season down in our 20-acre water park, Soak City. Aside from the slides and splashes, our water park continues to be a place that friends and family alike can enjoy because of our incredible lifeguards. We are proud to announce that for *ELEVEN* years straight, our lifeguards have continued to show outstanding safety precaution by hitting the top “Exceeds” mark on their monthly audit through Jeff Ellis & Associates, Inc. – an International Aquatic Safety and Risk Management Consulting Firm.

Jeff Ellis & Associates, Inc. performs random, unannounced audits monthly while the water park is open to ensure that lifeguards are operating to the standards that they are taught in class. Guards receive scores in three tiers: “Fail” or not meeting standards, “Meets” (doing what is needed, not beyond that) and “Exceeds” (going above and beyond what is the standard for Jeff Ellis & Associates).

Out of three total audits this summer, not one lifeguard fell below an “Exceeds” mark.

“All of our guards are fantastic,” said Connie Crowl, Aquatics Manager at Kings Dominion. “They work really hard and make me extremely proud to be their manager. This accomplishment is a testament to the amount of training our lifeguards go through initially, throughout the season and every day.”

Every month, lifeguards go through what is called “in-service” training, which ensures that guards are up-to-date on safety procedures and skills. They are also quizzed daily on certain scenarios, such as spinal injuries or how to handle a guest that goes unconscious, to keep them on their toes.

Our lifeguards are thoroughly and continually trained to handle any situation that may occur while in the water at Soak City. Congratulations to our lifeguards and thank you for continuing to keep all our swimmers in Soak City safe, while cooling down in the summer heat!