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Reader’s Mailbag: May 2019

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Reader’s Mailbag: May 2019

Abby Morrow

Consumer Demand Supervisor

Thank you to everyone for submitting your burning questions for our first Reader’s Mailbag blog! While we can’t get to every single question, we hope that you will keep submitting each month for a chance to be featured in a future blog! We had so much fun going through all your questions and sleuthing to find the answers. Here is what we came up with!

How much wheel grease does the park go through in a month? – Andrew Y., Warrenton, VA

While it’s hard to judge exactly how much wheel grease the park goes through each month, our maintenance team was able to give an estimate of about 50 pounds of wheel grease is used throughout the park each month. As a bonus, they were able to give us the top three rides that use the most wheel grease in the park (and it might not be what you think they are!): White Water Canyon, Drop Tower, and Intimidator 305.  

What KD employees worked/have worked there the longest? – Jacob A., Leonardtown, MD

We’re glad you asked! Brenda Boxley and Tony Johnson are two of our longest working employees that still work at the park today that actually have a story that ties together.

Brenda began her career at Kings Dominion in September 1973, working with the switchboards and radios in the Communications department. Throughout her time here at the park, she has been the Administrative Assistant for the maintenance department (for 20 years to be exact!), ran Guest Services, and has been Tony Johnson’s Administrative Assistant since his time as the Vice President of Operations back in 1994. While Brenda retired from her full-time responsibilities in 2018 as the Admissions Manager, she returned to the park this year in a part-time role, to help with administrative duties for Tony, just as she has for many years!

Tony had a wild start to his Kings Dominion career in 1974 as a tower guard in Lion Country Safari! Like Brenda, Tony held several positions here such as security in the park itself, maintenance, Security and Safety Operations Manager, VP of Operations, VP of Operations and Maintenance, Corporate VP of Operations and finally General Manager of Kings Dominion, which is the position he currently holds today. In addition to his positions at Kings Dominion, he also taught in the Hanover County school system, coached and held positions within Cedar Fair’s Carowinds and California Great America, but it’s the people that ultimately brought Tony back to Kings Dominion.

Can you spot Tony and Brenda in some of their early days at Kings Dominion?

And, here they are now! What an awesome pair that started their careers at Kings Dominion and became life-long friends because of it. We can’t thank them enough for all they’ve done for the park throughout the years!

Hi KD, I’ve been a huge fan of the park pretty much ever since it opened in the 70s! I was recently looking over a vintage Kings Dominion map from 1976 and noticed something called “Scooby’s Magical Mansion”. I have a pretty good memory of just about every other item on that map, but I simply don’t recall this attraction at all. (Obviously, this is different from Boo Blasters, since that wasn’t built until the 2000’s, although it does add to the confusion!) I figure it probably wasn’t anything super elaborate, but it’s odd that I can’t find any pictures, video, or references to “Scooby’s Magical Mansion” anywhere on the net except on that one park map. Do you have any information on this mystery attraction? – Dan R., Bristow, VA

We loved looking up information on this question! Turns out this mystery attraction was a children’s show. We don’t have much information on it, but maybe some of our readers can help with additional memories of this children’s show? We were able to snag a couple images of the entertainers for the show; hope this helps jog your memory. Share your memories of Scooby’s Magical Mansion in the comments!

I remember a ride called Vertigo that was located near the end of Candy Apple Grove, kind of where the bowling game is now. It’s been very hard to find many photos of it in the park and not many people seem to remember it. What years was that ride there and why was it taken out? Any photos of it? Thanks! – April W., Prince Frederick, MD

Sounds like this was one of your favorites growing up! We were able to dig out some information on this family-friendly ride, which operated from 1975-1981. It was also named Adam’s Apple and Himalaya during its time here at the park and its original location was in Coney Island (now known as Candy Apple Grove). While all good things must come to an end, many people enjoyed Vertigo during its time here at the park! Here are a few images to help take you down memory lane.

Legend says the Flying Eagles came from Pontchartrain Beach Park, but those familiar with the park state that isn’t the case. Where did the Flying Eagles originally come from? – Daniel G., Cincinnati, OH

The Flying Eagles do have a unique history that most don’t know about! They actually made their debut at the 1939 Worlds Fair long before making their way to our park in 1975. Originally in section of the park formerly known as Coney Island, the ride was also manufactured by Bisch-Rocco, who manufactured many “Flying Scooter” rides throughout the country!

Your team members do a great job keeping the park running smoothly and keeping guests happy & entertained. On your busiest days of the season, how many team members are working at the park at a single time? – Matt K., Atlee, VA

Thank you for the kind words! During the summer, we employ around 3,000 associates which tops our numbers for the entire year. Fun fact: During Halloween Haunt, when the monsters come out to play, we have about 400 employees just in our talent department roaming throughout the park! P.S.- we are still hiring for a variety of summer positions! Click here to fill out an application.

We’ll be back at it again next month to answer interesting and intriguing questions you have about Kings Dominion! To submit your questions for possible inclusion in a future Reader's Mailbag blog, click here.

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Abby Morrow

Consumer Demand Supervisor

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