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Instagrammable Spots at Grand Carnivale

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Instagrammable Spots at Grand Carnivale

Abby Morrow

Consumer Demand Supervisor

The sights at our Grand Carnivale event are truly spectacular, thanks to our Décor Team and entertainers! Our Spectacle of Color parade provides guests with vivid imagery of sparkling floats and bedazzled costumes and the food tastes just as good as it looks. While we’re sure you’ll be snapchatting and taking selfies throughout our entire event, we wanted to give you some pointers on where the best “Instagrammable” spots lie within our international celebration!

As soon as you enter the park, you’ll be welcomed by vibrant signage signaling that our event is indeed in session (through July 7 to be exact!). While our park photographers will be on hand to snap any pictures with a professional camera, you’re given plenty of options to pose for the perfect picture as soon as you enter the park.

Pose just as you are, or become a joker for a moment – the choice is yours! All jokes aside, step up on our platforms and transform into one of our Grand Carnivale characters at the entrance of International Street.

Take the opportunity to snag a picture with royalty, also at the beginning of International Street, with the fountain and tower providing a perfect backdrop.

Just along the right side of International Street sits a throne fit for a King or Queen – just what you deserve!

Our giant Joker is a hit with kids, which stands on the opposite side of International Street beside Border Burrito. Say CHEESE (get it, beside Border Burrito?)!

While each of our countries provide stunning backdrops, a couple specifically need to be highlighted – starting with China! Our Décor Team knew you and your friends would need to the perfect place to take that candid (or posed- we won’t judge) picture that also pays homage to the specific cultures. Profile pic worthy?? We think so!

How can you not stop and take a picture with our massive Buddha? Not sure where else you’d find another opportunity like this! He’s hard to miss in our China section beside the Eiffel Tower.

Last, but certainly not least, a crowd favorite – our India section! We’ve heard from many guests that they cannot take their eyes off our India décor due to the vibrant colors and material and we might have to agree. Stop by and take a picture in our India section behind the Eiffel Tower, and if you’re lucky, our Indian Prince and Princess might make an apperance.

These are just some of the spots that are Insta-worthy at Grand Carnivale! Each country has its own entertainment featured all throughout the evening, along with our Spectacle of Color parade which begins at 8:00 PM down in Candy Apple Grove. It eventually makes its way to the Eiffel Tower, where our Carnivale Street Party begins, giving you even more opportunities to create FOMO on social media for your friends missing out!

We want to see your AMAZING moments from Grand Carnivale! Share them with us on social media @kingsdominionva using the hashtags #KDGrandCarnivale and #AmazingLooksLike for a chance to be featured on our home page. Our Grand Carnivale event runs weekly starting at 5:00 PM through July 7 and is included with park admission.

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Abby Morrow

Consumer Demand Supervisor

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