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Grand Carnivale Sneak Peak from our Décor Team

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Grand Carnivale Sneak Peak from our Décor Team

Abby Morrow

Consumer Demand Supervisor

From the people that brought the magic to WinterFest, our Décor team is back to make Grand Carnivale an international celebration for the ages. We just couldn’t wait until Saturday for you all to get a sneak peak of what to expect in the park!

Kings Dominion’s famous International Street will be decorated with bold Carnivale colors, using hundreds of yards of glittery garland that shine in the sun and light up the night during our street party!

Our KD Décor Team has sourced unusual and authentic silk fabrics and rich trims to decorate everything from a Chinese garden pagoda to an Indian open-air market.

Hundreds of brightly colored flags will festoon our International Street! There are also authentic flags from our five signature countries (Germany, Italy, China, France, and India) to bring immersive theming and charm.

Custom fabric lanterns hand crafted in China will give our Chinese pavilion authentic Asian flair.

Authentic handwoven rugs were sourced and shipped to our park from India to help provide just the right splash of color for our India Pavilion.

Handcrafted in India from handmade and hand-dyed fabric, these beautiful umbrellas will not only provide amazing authenticity, but a little shade for our guests as they sit down to enjoy eats and treats from each country.

Check out this transformation! Our Décor team spent weeks hand painting our massive Buddha statue in four shades of metallic gold to mimic the age of 2000 years of Chinese history.

Hundreds of brightly colored, oversized shiny beads will decorate many of our buildings on International Street to help create a festive and fun atmosphere!

A beautiful handmade Della Robbia fruit bouquet will help bring old-world charm to our Italy Pavilion.

Our KD Décor team handmade yards and yards of floral garland to help decorate our India Pavilion.

As if the flags from each country weren’t enough to signal you’re entering into a new cultural experience, these grand markers will surely let you know which country you’re about to enter within the park.

A HUGE shout out to our Décor team for all the work they’ve put in to make this event just as Grand as its name! See all this AND MORE (including our Spectacle of Color parade!) each evening starting this weekend through July 7 at our international celebration, Grand Carnivale!

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Abby Morrow

Consumer Demand Supervisor

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