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Get Ready to Celebrate with Grand Carnivale!

Maggie Sellers

Communications Manager

In just 2 weeks, the party of all parties will debut at the park with Grand Carnivale. This brand-new immersive summertime event is sure to WOW, Dazzle and delight as guests celebrate international cultures.

Ready to learn more about this fantastic event that’s included with your park admission!? Let’s take a trip into what you can expect:


Each night, June 15 – July 7 we will kick off the fun at 5:00 PM as the King of Carnivale welcomes everyone around International Street. As you meander around International Street you’ll encounter five decadently decorated areas representing five countries: India, China, France, Italy and Germany. Pick up a Passport at the front gate or any country location to serve as your guide (and keep track of where you’ve been!)

Vibrant music and authentic cultural performers will fill the atmosphere. Catch a performance at each country’s stage, greet the ambassador to learn more about the cultures or complete one of the activities for kids. From coloring masks to post cards you can send right from the park, we made sure to include everyone in the family!

That’s not all – for those older, adventurous kid-explorers, we have a challenge for you. The Adventure Club is an exclusive (ELITE) group of individuals who have mastered all the challenges you will find at each country. Simply greet the Ambassador at each country in the native language to begin.

We’re tapping into all the senses – we’ve talked about the sights and sounds, now it’s time for the smells and tastes! Purchase a Tasting Card and venture around to try the different tastes – you’ll get up to 6 with one tasting card! From France – go for a sweet or savory crepe or head to India for the delicious Tandoori Chicken Tacos. And you can’t forget the FINALE! Our Finale booth has all the desserts you’re looking for just in front of the Eiffel Tower. Try the Chinese Donuts topped with a sweet coconut sauce, or even Apple Strudel from Germany!

Quench your thirst with international beverages at select food booths but be sure to swing by for the Carnivale Cocktail – our signature alcoholic beverage made with vodka, blue curacao and melon midori. Those under 21 (or looking for a refreshing non-alcoholic sweet drink!) can enjoy the Berry-Citrus Twist. Best part – you won’t have to leave room in your suitcase for the light up souvenir cup that comes with each drink!


Our daytime festival runs until park closes. However, you may want to head to the midway or strategically position yourself around the Eiffel Tower as the Spectacle of Color Parade begins at 8:00.

Making its way from Twisted Timbers to the Eiffel Tower, the nine-float parade will make its way through Candy Apple Grove, up through planet Snoopy and end with a finale around the Eiffel Tower with hundreds of performers. The Spectacle of Color parade is a fanciful fusion of extravagantly decorated floats, whimsical street performers and pulsing rhythms of cultures worldwide. Hosted by the King of Carnivale, this procession features a gigantic elephant, Bollywood performers, a Jules Verne airship and more, promising to enchant and delight all. Be at the ready – this is your opportunity to catch all the beads your heart desires.


As the parade concludes, the King of Carnivale kicks off a street party filled with shimmering lights, high-energy live entertainment, an interactive dance party, delicious food and drinks from around the globe and even a few surprises!

Who's ready to celebrate with us at Grand Carnivale?! See you there and stay tuned for more updates on this spectacular event!

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Maggie Sellers

Communications Manager

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