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How to be in the Spectacle of Color Parade during Grand Carnivale

Maggie Sellers

Communications Manager


The Spectacle of Color parade is hands down my favorite part of Grand Carnivale. Not only is it AMAZING, fun, full of energy with dazzling floats and costumes, but YOU get to be a part of the show. It’s just one of the many ways we’re making sure to bring guests immersive experiences all season.

As the parade makes its way through the park, there are two chances to be in on the action during the Show Stops. First: In Candy Apple Grove between Americana and Wave Swinger – right in front of Victoria’s Pizza and Drop Tower. Second: At the Eiffel Tower.

Did you know there’s a third way to be in the show – the WHOLE TIME? That’s right – you’re invited to participate in the Spectacle of Color Parade as one of our float riders!

Main Duties: Throw ALL the beads.

Requirements: Must have fun and be 48” or taller.

How do you get this unique opportunity? Great question! We’ll be holding contests on Social Media for grand prize packages to guarantee a spot on a float. If you don’t win, though – have no fear! Sign-ups will be available in Guest Services before 7 p.m. the day you visit. The experience is included with park admission, so swing by Guest Services and see if there are any spots available.

If you’re a lucky float rider, head to Twisted Timbers near the exit to greet our Grand Carnivale Staff to check in no later than 7:30. Then, it’s PARTY time on the parade unlike any other: The Spectacle of Color!


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Maggie Sellers

Communications Manager

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