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Gear Up for the Monster Jam Garage

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Gear Up for the Monster Jam Garage

Abby Morrow

Consumer Demand Supervisor

You may have seen one of the Monster Jam® shows or the trucks themselves perform crazy stunts and moves, but have you ever gotten the opportunity to learn just how these massive trucks come to life? At Monster Jam Thunder Alley™️, one of our interactive stations for kids and adults alike is the first-ever Monster Jam Garage where you can see just how each part inside a Monster Jam truck works. The Monster Jam Garage allows guests to touch, feel and turn real Monster Jam elements that allow these gigantic trucks to tear up the tracks.


See how a 1,500 horsepower engine works at the Monster Jam Garage! Fun fact: during a two-minute Freestyle, each engine will burn 10 gallons of methanol (alcohol) fuel. Look for more interesting facts about Monster Jam engines on a display board directly beside the setup.

Custom-Made Axle Housing Assembly

Step right up and turn enormous 645-pound tires on a custom-made axle housing assembly. Tech Talk:  This setup utilizes a third member located in the center section of the housing, which contains the ring gear, pinion gear and locker. This unit has a 6.20 gear reduction, meaning the driveshaft spins 6.20 times for every one time the axle spins.

In other words, these are some big tires that you can interact with! More information about how this assembly works and other fun facts can be found on a display board directly beside the setup.


Shocks are one of the most important features of a Monster Jam truck that, combined with other safety features, allow Monster Jam athletes to perform word-class stunts! Learn more about how oversized shocks absorb punishing landings.  The display setup allows you to turn a wheel and see them in motion.


Did you know Monster Jam trucks are a manual transmission? Crank the gears inside of a real Monster Jam truck transmission! A custom-fabricated, deep oil pan and pickup system allow for extreme maneuvers like Nose Wheelies, Stoppies, Flips and whatever the drivers come up with next.

These elements are perfect for kids to have the opportunity to explore and interact on their own or with a family member. The Monster Jam Garage is one of several different activities at Monster Jam Thunder Alley™️. Included in park admission, you can experience full-throttle fun for the entire family through September 2. Head over to our special events page to learn more about this limited-time event.

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Abby Morrow

Consumer Demand Supervisor

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