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FIRST LOOK: The Floats of Grand Carnivale!

Maggie Sellers

Communications Manager

Break out the beads- the first floats for our Grand Carnivale celebration have arrived on site at Kings Dominion! Just look at how elaborate these things are. We were in awe just at the site of them and their intricate details. It’s getting us that much more excited for our International celebration which starts June 15! Some of these floats traveled up from New Orleans, Louisiana while others were carefully crafted in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Nine floats total will make up the Spectacle of Color Parade and travel alongside nearly 100 performers. WE. CAN’T. WAIT.

One of our personal favorites is the float representing China – take a look at the cherry blossom tree. Each flower is an LED light that will glow as the evening rolls in – how cool is that!?


Cheers to the Germany float! Take a look at this incredible glittery beer stein that sits aboard the Germany Oktoberfest float. Beer and glitter put together? We’re here for it!

We told you these things were elaborate…the pictures don’t do them justice! For example – the elephant float representing India is made out of DRUMS and stands at 13.5 ft tall!

Details, details, details. How awesome is it to see all the work put into these different floats? Each one tells a story and has interactive elements for both the performers and the guests.

Oh - and this one? The leader of the pack - the King of Carnivale's float features a trampoline for some high flying acrobatics!


That’s all for now folks! Our blog and social media channels are the first place to look for any breaking news regarding Grand Carnivale, or any other of our exciting happenings going on at the park. Don’t forget – Grand Carnivale is included with park admission, so make sure to get your Season Pass or ticket and get ready for an extravagant adventure at Kings Dominion!



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Maggie Sellers

Communications Manager

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