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Fall Décor Sneak Peek

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Fall Décor Sneak Peek

Abby Morrow

Consumer Demand Supervisor

Summer is officially slipping away, making way for a new season of cooler weather and bright colors. Although we are sad to see Soak City go for the season, we are ready for monsters to take over the park again for our 19th annual Halloween Haunt event, along with our fear-free Great Pumpkin Fest event for the little ones starting September 21.

While you wait for fear or fall fun to return, our Décor Team will be busy sprucing up the park for the new season with festive flair in every corner unlike ever before. We won’t spoil every surprise, but here is a sneak peek of what you can expect to see around the park when you return for fall thrills.

Fall harvest wreaths and sprays, plus a hand painted sign made from 100-year-old barn wood, will bring seasonal warmth to Grizzly Gulch General Store and Country Kitchen.

A one-of-a-kind bejeweled spider broach was created as part of a witch costume for a display in a window on International Street.

Unique floral creations will help add seasonal flavors to every corner of the park, including our many  restaurants and shop windows.

Being the resourceful creatives that our Décor Team artists are, old whiskey barrel tops and bottoms have been transformed into festive jack-o-lanterns to help decorate the park.

Hundreds of seasonal flowers, stems, pumpkins and gourds of all sorts wait patiently to be turned into stunning wreaths and arrangements.

Vintage and whimsical Halloween décor helps to bring fun fall colors to The Great Pumpkin Fest in Planet Snoopy.

Our Décor Team is designing and hand painting unique sugar skulls to decorate our Border Burrito restaurant on International Street. These colorful skulls help celebrate The Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos), a special holiday celebrated throughout Latin cultures October 31 - November 2. During this time, family and friends gather to pray for and remember those who have passed and help support their spiritual journey.

A handmade scarecrow wreath from one of our designers helps to bring some flavors of fall into Old Virginia.

No bones about it, this chandelier is creepy! A collection of skeleton leg bones were used to create this one-of-a-kind piece. 

A spooky, lighted skull garland will help warm up a crisp fall night at the park.

Piece by piece, our fall décor will be placed within every aspect of the park in preparation of The Great Pumpkin Fest and Halloween Haunt starting September 21. Our Décor Team has blown us away yet again and we can’t wait to share our festive park with you all during this spooky season!

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Abby Morrow

Consumer Demand Supervisor

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