Twisted Timbers November Construction Update

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Twisted Timbers November Construction Update

Maggie Sellers |
November 28, 2017

Earlier this month, we left you with a quick construction update for October. Well, we’re baaaack!

Just because it’s November, it’s getting colder and the holiday festivities are fast approaching doesn’t mean it’s time for work to stop or slow – there’s still a lot of work to get done before Twisted Timbers can open next spring. 

You may recall last month there was no track yet in the in-line twist, well that has changed and the track is just stunning.

All the twisty-ness has been added to the inside turn by the station, and WOW are we excited. 

There has been a vast amount of progress since last month on the outside turn by Grizzly. For example, earlier this month: some ledgers, not many bents, no track.

Today…lots of ledgers, lots of bents, lots-o-track. This little maneuver is called a cutback – it takes riders up, twists you 180 degrees before quickly returning upright. 

Track has also been laid on these airtime moments – just look at that wiggle!

The hills are alive…with the red I-box track.

(See the human in the corner for size)

Twisted Timbers doesn’t waste space – no, this track kisses the ground every chance it gets.

Finally (for now!) we leave you with the turn after that beautiful barrel roll drop – going right into the first overbanked turn where ledgers and bents are being put into place. 

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