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Twisted Timbers: It's Not Just Hurler Reborn 

Brandon Newlon

Public Relations Coordinator

It’s official! You’ve been waiting to hear about what’s happening in Candy Apple Grove for a long time, and finally Twisted Timbers has been revealed! Rocky Mountain Construction has been busy converting the old Hurler structure into something unlike anything ever to operate at Kings Dominion.

Rocky Mountain Construction, or RMC, has become one of the most highly renowned coaster companies in the world. They are well known for their conversions, which transform tired, old wooden coasters into thrilling, hybrid monstrosities. Their steel I-Box Track technology allows for gravity defying twists and turns that would be impossible on a normal wooden coaster.

So does this mean Twisted Timbers is just Hurler with new track? Will it still be such a rough ride? Is the only difference the inversions? The short answer: No!

Twisted Timbers will be a completely new ride. Yes, it does use some of the old Hurler footings, but the track they will be supporting will be vastly different. The steel track will make for a much smoother ride experience, while adding a plethora of new ride features.

The first thing you’ll notice while riding is the increased ride height, making it more than two stories taller than its predecessor. You’ll especially notice the extra 28 feet when you are looking straight ahead at the 109 foot tall barrel roll drop. This means not only will you be plummeting towards the ground, you’ll also be upside down while doing it.

More height also means more speed! You’ll reach speeds up to 54 miles per hour, which will come in handy on the 20 airtime moments. Airtime moments, something you’ll find in abundance in nearly all RMC coasters, are instances where you will feel weightlessness, such as when you crest a hill, forcing you out of your seat. You’ll find these airtime moments spread throughout many features including hills, overbanked turns and inversions.

Inversions are any time the coaster sends the riders upside down. Twisted timbers will have three inversions including the barrel roll drop, a cutback and an inline twist. The cutback is a move where the coaster takes a sharp raised turn that leaves the riders upside down at the peak of the turn. The inline twist is a common inversion that rolls the riders 360 degrees while continuing a straight path.

RMC will continue their work on Twisted Timbers throughout the season, so head to WindSeeker Plaza to catch a glimpse of the incredible changes happening during construction. Don’t forget, the only way to ensure unlimited rides on Twisted Timbers is a 2018 Season Pass, get yours now for the lowest price!

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Brandon Newlon

Public Relations Coordinator

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