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Twisted Timbers October Construction Update

Maggie Sellers

Communications Manager

It seems every time we blink, something new has happened down at the Twisted Timbers site. Construction is moving along, track is being laid and the hype is real. Have no fear, the documentation is here. We even completed the daunting task of climbing to the top of the lift hill so you all could get a better view ;)

Now that the cat is out of the bag, we can confirm that RMC crews actually began working this past February/March. Track on the lift hill is in place, and the first turn into the barrel-roll is nearly complete. Just to catch you up, let’s throw it back to earlier this summer. 

Here is a quick before and after of the lift hill.

Twisted Timbers will feature TWENTY airtime moments, but let’s marvel at these massive airtime hills that you’ll conquer after the first overbank turn….Done yet? Couple more minutes? Ok…. We’ll wait.

You might remember these hills being a little shorter…and they were. Each of the big airtime hills grew with the biggest growth being 15 ft! One of the first things crews began working on was building up the lift hill the additional 28 feet and building up the airtime moments to what you see now.

While structure work is still being done on the back turn by Grizzly, ledgers are in place as you head into the main structure for some wicked turns before heading into the in-line twist. SPOILER ALERT: Lots of twists and turns coming your way on TWISTED Timbers.

The track below heads into the break run before entering the station, while the ledgers for the airtime twists have zero issue going right over top for some more fun.


Structures are in place as you head in to the in-line twist….

…and as you exit.

Crews started working backwards from the final brake run and will work their way to the barrel-roll drop. As of this day, track work is 40% done as they work on the inside overbank turns. Just looking at them gets my heart all giddy. Look. At. That. Angle.


Want a closer look at the crews laying track? We caught up with the RMC crew laying track in the in-line twist – a process that took a little more than an hour! Take a look:


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Maggie Sellers

Communications Manager

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