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Have You Gotten Your 2017 Pass?

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It’s been a long winter. No coasters, no games, no Snoopy, no fun, but it’s almost time for that to change. Opening day is NEXT MONTH! (March 25th - you should go ahead and mark that on your calendar now!) 

If you are anywhere near as excited as we are then you’ll probably want to pick up your 2017 season pass today. Not only does it pay for itself in two visits, but it has some awesome benefits as well.

Passholder Preview Night

Waiting is hard, so we want to help ease the burden for our passholders. On March 24 from 5-9 P.M. the park will open up exclusively for season passholders! This is your chance to be the first to conquer your favorite rides before the park opens its gates to the general public for the 2017 season. We'll also be hosting a special presentation in the Kings Dominion Theater at 7 p.m. with prizes! 


Whether it’s on a ride, with Charlie Brown or at one our new photo spots you’ll have plenty of pictures to remember your visits by. With the new FunPix All Season Photo Pass you’ll be able to look back at all the photos you’ve collected from the entire season. 

Pre-K Pass

To celebrate the opening of our 3 new planet Snoopy rides we are offering free admission for ages 3-5 with our Pre-K Pass! Now your little ones can join in the fun with no extra cost!

All Season Dining Pass

So you’ve got your season pass, great! Imagine how much fun you’re going to have! The rides, the shows… and the food. Think of all the delicious food! Now imagine being able to choose from 65 items spread throughout 16 different dining locations twice a day. Our All Season Dining Pass is better than ever this year with 6 new locations including Chick-Fil-A, Boardwalk Fries, and Panda Express.

Early Ride Times

As always, your season pass gets you access to exclusive ride times on some of your favorite rides. Simply flash your pass in the morning to beat the crowd and avoid the long lines later in the day!

Bring-A-Friend Day

Want to show a friend who skipped on their season pass what they are missing? On top of offering $25 off of regular general admission tickets, there are also special Bring-A-Friend days where you can bring up to 6 friends for a fraction of the normal ticket price.

2017 is shaping up to be a great year, especially for passholders. Whether it’s one of our exclusive events, discounts, free parking, or other great benefits you definitely won’t want to miss out. Get your 2017 Season Pass today. See you next month!

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