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New Thirst Quenching Drink Plans

Brandon Newlon

Public Relations Coordinator

Having fun can be thirsty work but don’t worry, we’ve got a plan. In fact, we’ve got two!

If you are a previous season passholder you are probably familiar with our All Season Souvenir Bottle. This option gives you a souvenir bottle that grants you free refills all season! Who doesn’t love an awesome bottle to mark a new season of fun?

Now wait, I know some of you are saying “Me! I don’t love carrying around awesome bottles, even if it does mark a new season of fun!” We’ve got you covered too. This year we are rolling out the NEW Season Pass Drink Plan! This plan has all the benefits of the souvenir bottle plan without the nifty bottle. Instead of keeping track of the all-powerful bottle, you will receive a new disposable paper cup every time you get a drink. Just scan your season pass and you are ready to go!

Both drink plans can be used every 15 minutes. That means if you got a drink every chance you had on a normal operating day you could get 46 refills every time you visit.

So now you’re thinking “Great! I already added the bottle onto my season pass. Guess none of this helps me.” Once again, have no fear, just bring your voucher and your season pass with you to guest services and let them know you’d like to switch it out for the Season Pass Drink Plan. (However, you can only switch once without a small fee.)

What if you decide to give the paper cups a try and after a few trips you just can’t contain your jealousy for those sweet souvenir bottles? Just swing by guest services and confess, they’ll be happy to switch you back over for just $2.99.

Hopefully now you are equipped to make this crucial decision, unless of course you haven’t got your season pass yet. If that’s the case, what are you waiting on? We’re only 18 days away from Passholder Preview Night! Can’t wait to see you there! Until then, stay thirsty my friends.

Click here to read a full list of FAQ’s or to purchase this plan!

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Brandon Newlon

Public Relations Coordinator

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