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Summer Celebration Series

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At a Glance

Location: PEANUTS™ Showplace

New this season we will welcome a variety of shows during our Summer Celebration Series. Check out these high energy shows that will be here for a limited time. Don’t miss your chance to see these amazing productions before they are gone!


May 27 - June 12 Jabali African Acrobats
Direct from Mombasa, Kenya these phenomenal acrobats combine the artistry of fast paced movement, music, dance and incredible acrobatic elegance to perform a full stage theatrical extravaganza.

June 24 - July 10 ShenaniGuns Comedy Wild West Show

The Wild West goes Whack-o! when Sheriff Hopalong Casually and Deputy Leon Jones strap on Big Iron and face off against dimwit desperado Bad Bob and his bumbling baby brother Bubba Bob. This quartet of Cut-up Cowboys fires off a laugh-a-minute load of funny one-liners, silly sight gags, and crack-up cornball comedy.

August 19th – September 5th Jump! The Ultimate Dog Show
One of the most Exciting Canine Thrill Shows is a non Stop, Action packed Thrill Ride that showcases a variety of breeds and mixed breed dogs (including rescued dogs) performing Incredible stunts, all choreographed to upbeat music. Billed as the X-Games for dogs, every show produces a One of a Kind staged Contest where the audience cheers for their respected team.

  • Located at the PEANUTS™ Showplace in Planet Snoopy