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The Battle for Kings Dominion

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Battle for Kings Dominion
Battle for Kings Dominion
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Battle for Kings Dominion

Available for Free on Apple® or Android™ Devices

A battle is brewing! Declare loyalty to your favorite Coaster Alliance and step into a brand new virtual world as you battle it out to take control of the Kings Dominion realm. Are you ready to lead your Alliance to glorious victory?

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Pick Your Alliance

Intimidator - Battle for Kings Dominion


Intimidator is a no-nonsense kind of guy. His gas guzzling, hot rod heart is so loud it strikes fear in his enemies from miles away. If you offer him respect, you will find him fiercely devoted and dependable. Join his ranks in the Battle for Kings Dominion.

Dominator - Battle for Kings Dominion


Some see Dominator as the ultimate super hero; powerful, photogenic and striking. He is everything a super hero should be. His morals are strong, his strength is formidable, his speed is mind blowing. He will take out the bad guy with an awful one liner. Make your decision in the Battle for Kings Dominion!

Avalanche - Battle for Kings Dominion


Avalanche emerged from the freezing mountains and began his quest to conquer the park. He’s a friendly, yet calm creature who spent most of his previous years in isolation mastering his mystical and martial abilities. He may be eccentric, but that might be just what he needs to win the Battle for Kings Dominion!

Flight of Fear - Battle for Kings Dominion

Flight of Fear

Join the mysterious force that is Flight of Fear in the Battle for Kings Dominion. Her movements are marked with an alluring, yet predatory grace. She inspires loyalty with her tactics, yet even those closer to her still find themselves uneasy in her presence.

Volcano - Battle for Kings Dominion


Meet Volcano! Formed from molten lava and rock, he’s the living embodiment of the earth’s inner rage. Like a volcano, he is either dormant and smoldering or exploding with ferocity! What he lacks in speed he makes up for in stature. He has a short fuse, and delivers a crushing blow when provoked. Help him conquer the park in the Battle for Kings Dominion!

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