Singers And Dancers

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Our shows feature entirely LIVE vocals!

Singers, Dancers & Singer/Dancers

  • Singers: Please prepare 2 vocal selections showing versatile styles - your best 16-32 bars of each. However, time may allow us to only hear a portion of your material, so start with the piece that shows you off the best.
  • We are looking for singers with strong stage presence that can stylize appropriately. Females: please demonstrate a warm belt. Males: please show us your vocal range.
  • Please remember that most of the shows at Kings Dominion feature pop, country, and classic rock & roll. Choose your selections accordingly.
  • You may bring your own accompanist or use ours, who will not transpose. All sheet music must be in your correct key. A standard CD player will also be provided.
  • You MAY NOT sing a cappella.
  • Singers MAY be asked to stay for a brief dance call, so dress to sing & bring movement-appropriate clothing. If we ask you to stay and dance, you will be given time to change.
  • Dancers: Be prepared to learn a high-energy dance combination.
  • Please provide a head shot & one page, typed resume with references detailing any performance experience, training, and up to date contact information.