Corporate Groups & Incentives

Catered Events

What's better than a full day at Kings Dominion? A day at Kings Dominion along with a picnic! Our charming picnic area is a relaxing, pleasant place to spend time together as a group and enjoy some fantastic food. This beautiful green space allows you the rustic charm of an old-fashioned picnic with modern amenities, great tasting food and a world-class park.

Picnic buffets at Kings Dominion are customized to suit your group's tastes. Choose from a large selection of classic favorites and find something for everyone. Whether you're craving a heaping plate, a snack or just something sweet, we offer a smorgasbord of tasty temptations that's sure to please the entire group!

PLEASE NOTE: To book a catered outing, you must contact us at least 3 weeks prior to your desired date.

Contact a representative to check availability and start planning your special day at Kings Dominion!

Non-Catered Events

Bring your employees to the park for an organized outing. Let loose, have fun, try something new for a change. Eat ice cream with your kids, dance with Snoopy, or try getting to know the families of your co-workers; you hear about them every day, now put a face to the name!

Outings are perfect for employee benefits or incentives, customer reward programs, sales promotion programs, just about anything, the possibilities are endless!

Consignment Tickets

With our consignment tickets, your employees can visit any day that works for them in the 2015 season with substantial savings up to 40% off regular-priced admission. Consignment tickets allow you to by-pass ticket lines, and with no money up front you only pay for what you sell!

A consignment ticket is an affordable way to reward key employees and customers. We’ll even supply you with a tool kit of materials to help promote the program.

Act now to start saving big!