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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find all of the answers to our Frequently Asked Questions about Kings Dominions Festival of Music. Should you not find the answer(s) to what it is you are looking for, please send an email to or call 804.876.5125 for further assistance.

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  • Complete the Online Registration, with a $100 registration fee per performing group, to reserve your 2020 Kings Dominion Festival of Music performance time. The registration fee is non-refundable/non-transferable and must be received prior to your scheduled performance time being finalized. The $100 fee is for registration purposes only and does not apply to your ticket purchase.


  • Every person entering Kings Dominion will need to present an admission ticket or Season Pass to gain access to the Festival of Music and Kings Dominion. This includes all students, directors, accompanists, chaperones, group members, family, and friends.
  • 2020 Music Festival Performer Tickets are $43.00 per person. Observer/Chaperone tickets are $36.00 per person. Season Passholder Performer tickets are $12.00.  Ticket orders must be pre-paid and received ten (10) days prior to performance.
  • One complimentary admission ticket is issued with every 15 Festival of Music tickets purchased. Season Pass Holder tickets do not count toward the comp ticket minimum.
  • Complimentary tickets will be issued on individual orders, not on a cumulative basis.
  • Your performance must be scheduled the same day as your visit to Kings Dominion.
  • No refunds or rain checks will be issued on pre-purchased admission tickets.
  • If paying by check, please mail your detailed order with payment, a minimum of 10 days in advance, to Kings Dominion Festival of Music – 16000 Theme Park Way, Doswell, VA 23047
  • No purchase orders are accepted and payment must be made in advance.


  • Bus parking is FREE & bus drivers receive complimentary admission tickets by showing their CDL at our Guest Services Window. Cars and vans must park in the main parking lot. Vans carrying equipment, or a designated school vehicle, may park in the bus parking lot.

Check In

  • Directors must check-in at the Festival of Music registration table upon arrival or no later than 12:00 PM on the date of their visit.
  • The instrumental registration table is located in front of the Kings Dominion Theater entrance and the choral registration table is located in front of the Kings Dominion Action Theater. At the time of check-in, you will need the following materials with you:
    • Three (3) sets of scores for each composition being performed with measures consecutively numbered for use by the adjudication panel. Photocopies are not allowed unless accompanied by documentation from the publisher(s) granting permission to copy the score(s).
  • Please do not dismiss your students and chaperones until after check-in. Warm-up and performance times could change due to last minute cancellations. Performance dates and times are subject to change based on demand. Kings Dominion reserves the right to adjust your performance times if needed.

Warm Up

  • Instrumental warm up is 25 minutes prior to your performance time. Please arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled warm up time.
  • New for 2020 - Choral warm up will take place inside the Action Theater! Your group’s warm up time is 10 minutes prior to your performance time and will take place inside the theater. Judges will excuse themselves during your warm up time and reenter when it is time for your performance. Please arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled warm up time.

Instrumental Group Specifics

  • Instrumental groups will be performing on site at the Kings Dominion Theater.
  • Kings Dominion will provide the following percussion equipment for the Festival of Music:
    • Yamaha 2.5 Octave Steel Bells (YB-1210S100)
    • Yamaha 3.5 Octave Acoustalon Xylophone (YX-500FC)
    • Yamaha 40 X 18 Bass Drum (CBT-640BCS7)
    • Yamaha 4 Copper Timpani (TP-6204C)
    • Yamaha Concert Toms (6-8-10-12) (CTS-6802)
    • Deagan 1.5 Octave Brass Chimes (DC-9150AC)
    • Yamaha Concert Toms (13-14-15-16) (CTS-3456)
    • Yamaha 3.0 Octave Vibraphone (YV-2700C)
    • Zildjian 34" Gong (Z34TG)
    • Yamaha CP4 Stage Piano
    • Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5 Piece Drum Set (Z34TG)
    • Yamaha 4.3 Octave Acoustalon Marimba (YM-4300C)
    • Please be sure to bring any equipment not listed above.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Due to building code and safety at the Kings Dominion Theater, we cannot provide instrument storage during your visit. Please plan accordingly.
  • Kings Dominion does not provide extension cords or power strips.
  • All Instrumental groups need to provide their own mallets/sticks, snare drum and cymbals.
  • Kings Dominion is not responsible for instruments or equipment that are lost, stolen or damaged during your visit.
  • While the music selection is at the discretion of the director, Kings Dominion highly encourages directors to select music of high artistic merit.
  • Instrumental music must be selected from a state band festival list, or from the graded list of band music published by the National Band Association (Grade I through VI).
  • All performances are in twenty-five (25) minute intervals including transition to the stage, performance and exit from the stage. The judging panel reserves the right to lower your rating should you exceed the time slot.

Choir Group Specifics

  • Choral groups will perform on site at the Action Theater
  • Kings Dominion will provide the following equipment during the Festival of Music:
    • Yamaha CP4 Stage piano or CD equipment for accompaniment (Kings Dominion does not provide an accompanist).
    • Wenger 4 Step Signature Risers, which with use of the floor, may accommodate approximately 120 students.
    • Yamaha acoustical shells
  • While the music selection is at the discretion of the director, Kings Dominion highly encourages directors to select music of high artistic merit. Ensembles must perform Grade I-VI music — it is suggested that directors select music from state lists, although this is not required.
  • Each ensemble must perform the two (2) selections from memory.


  • All selections of music will be adjudicated.
  • For groups in the Comments Only or Festival performance categories, scores and packets should be picked up from the registration table approximately 30 minutes after your performance.
  • If you are participating in the Full Competition performance category, you will be picking your scores and packets up at the Awards Ceremony.
  • Groups participating in the Festival Rating Performance Category who earn a Superior or Excellent Rating will receive plaques; groups participating in the Full Competition Performance Category will also be eligible for First, Second and Third Place trophies, as applicable.
  • ALL groups will receive a Certificate of Performance

Performance Categories

  • Comments Only Groups will receive Adjudication/Score sheets with only comments and suggestions regarding the performance from the adjudicators. There will be no numerical score or rating.
  • Festival Rating Ensembles choosing this option will be eligible to receive an Excellent or Superior rating and will be given an award in honor of their achievement. Rating awards and packets will be available for pick up at the registration table approximately thirty (30) minutes after each group performs.
  • Full Competition As well as receiving a rating, ensembles will also be eligible for a First Place, Second Place and Third Place award within their division. Rating awards and packets will be held until the Awards Ceremony and will be available on stage directly after the Awards Ceremony is finished. *Only groups who have signed up under the Competition format will be eligible to receive a trophy and participate in the Awards Ceremony.

Awards Ceremony

  • The Awards Ceremony is only offered to groups who select “Full Competition” as their performance category.
  • Award Ceremonies will be held in the Kings Dominion Theater, approximately thirty (30) minutes after the last group finishes performing. Award ceremony times will be posted online at one (1) week prior to each event date. The posted award times are estimated times and subject to change should the day run longer than expected.
  • Groups who have signed up for the Full Competition category will be eligible to receive a First Place, Second Place and Third Place trophy within their division:
    • Elementary School: Band, Orchestra & Choir
    • Middle School: Band, Orchestra & Choir
    • High School: Band, Orchestra & Choir
  • Grand Champion awards will be given to the group achieving the overall highest score of the day, regardless of division within the following categories: Band, Orchestra, Choir
  • All groups who have registered in the Competition Format MUST attend the awards ceremony (or have a representative present) in order to receive their trophies.


  • Please contact our Festival of Music team at 804.876.5125 or email for any questions regarding your visit.