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THE 2000'S

Building the Roller Coaster Capital of the Mid-Atlantic

Kings Dominion experienced an incredible explosion of amazing new rides and attractions in the 2000s. Were you there to take it all in?

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Also check out our KD Trivia. Answers are at the bottom.

Nickelodeon Central opened and unleashed crazy characters such as The Rugrats, The Wild Thornberrys and more.

Pipeline Peak opened in WaterWorks Water Park, offering four new extreme water slides, including Night Slider, the world’s tallest, enclosed dark tube slide at the time.

HyperSonic XLC, the world’s first compressed-air launch coaster, stunned roller coaster enthusiasts with zero-gravity airtime and unbelievable free-fall sensations.

KD Trivia #1: What kind of tires did the HyperSonic XLC have?

The 7th Portal, a 3D ride simulator in the Action FX Theater, transported guests to a virtual, alternate realm.

Ricochet, the park’s 12th roller coaster, thrilled riders with its extraordinary speed, unexpected twists, tight hairpin turns and a heart-pounding 50-foot drop. Triple Spin (now being renamed the Bad Apple for the 40th Celebration), twirled and whirled to guests’ head-spinning delight.

KD Trivia #2: How long is a ride on the Triple Spin?

The Drop Zone Stunt Tower generated a big buzz when it opened as the tallest drop tower attraction in North America. Towering 305 high and dropping at speeds of 72 miles per hour (106 feet per second), it drew thrill seekers from far and wide.

SpongeBob Square Pants 3D, based on the highly rated Nickelodeon series, debuted in the Action FX Theater.

Scooby Doo & The Haunted Mansion™ opened as the Mid-Atlantic’s first interactive family ride. Guests joined the beloved Hanna-Barbera™ pup and the gang at Mystery, Inc.™ to explain the mysterious activity of a green ghost haunting a Victorian mansion.

Tomb Raider: Firefall™ opened as yet another Hollywood big-screen spectacular at Paramount’s Kings Dominion. This experience was a new multi-sensory adventure that sent guests spinning while suspended over a pit or fire and water.

The Italian Job Turbo Coaster™ offered unique, blockbuster excitement as a fast-track coaster simulated one of the most thrilling movie chase sequences ever filmed in Hollywood.

Cedar Fair, L.P. announced in 2006 that it agreed to acquire Paramount Parks, Inc. for $1.24 billion from CBS Corporation (which had separated itself from Viacom in 2005). At that time, Cedar Fair owned and operated seven amusement parks and five water parks, including the company’s flagship property, Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. The transaction included all five Paramount-branded theme parks in North America as well as Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton.

The park returned to its original name, Kings Dominion, in its first official season under Cedar Fair.

WaterWorks Water Park unveiled a huge, $11 million expansion with a second wave pool, a funnel-style water slide called the Tornado and the Zoom Flume, which allowed families the chance to enjoy a rafting adventure together.

The Dominator dominated headlines when it opened as the longest floorless coaster in the world at 4,210 feet and with one of the largest vertical loops.

KD Trivia #3: Where is the Dominator located in the park?

Americana, a giant 110-foot Ferris wheel is the first of its kind opened at Kings Dominion. The El Dorado, a family-friendly thrill ride opened and featured a throwback to a blue 1950’s style El Dorado convertible. The car acted as a pendulum, as it rotated as high as 85 feet in the air in two different directions.

KD Trivia Answers
#1: Pneumatic
#2: One minutes, 30 seconds
#3: International Street