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THE 1990'S

A New Look and a Water Park Emerges

Did you visit Kings Dominion in the 90s? If so, you’ll remember craziness like The Hurler, green slime and The Outer Limits: Flight of Fear. You may also remember your first slippery slide at Hurricane Reef Water Park.

Tell us about your memories of Kings Dominion. Post your stories and photos on social media using the hashtag #KD40. Also, test your memory with our KD Trivia. Answers are at the bottom of this page.

Hanna-Barbera™ Land was revamped and expanded this year with five new children’s rides, more Hanna-Barbera characters, live shows and fun games.

The Anaconda, a one-of-a-kind monster of a steel roller coaster, was unleashed. Still in operation, this speeding serpent catapults riders through six hair-raising loops, razor-sharp turns and an ultra-scary underwater tunnel.

KD Trivia #1: What is the Anaconda’s world claim to fame?

KD Trivia #2: How much steel was used to build the Anaconda?

Hurricane Reef Water Park opened the floodgates for watery, slippery fun. Covering a whopping six acres, it helped guests cool off with 15 body slides, speed slides, tube slides, kids’ slides and more.

Paramount Communications, Inc. purchased Kings Entertainment, the parent company of Kings Dominion. Now aligned with Hollywood, the park was renamed Paramount’s Kings Dominion and introduced bigger-than-life, movie-themed experiences.

Days of Thunder racing simulator, inspired by the movie of the same name, allowed guests to experience the speed and excitement of life behind a race car steering wheel.

Wayne’s World™ themed area of the park opened and featured the park’s fourth wooden roller coaster, The Hurler. “Party on, Wayne! Party on, Garth!”

Viacom International, Inc. purchased Paramount Communications, Inc. Sister companies now included MTV, Nickelodeon and Blockbuster, in addition to Paramount Pictures and Paramount Television – offering a whole new world of entertainment possibilities. From the new relationships came Nickelodeon Splat City™ and its infamous, messy green slime.

Kingswood Amphitheatre replaced The Showplace.

The Outer Limits: Flight of Fear debuted as the world’s first linear induction, launch-style coaster. Truly a rare, breath-taking experience, this ride hurdled guests through 3,000 feet of track in complete, panic-stricken darkness.

Xtreme SkyFlyer, a unique free-fall attraction that combined the thrills of hang gliding and sky diving, also opened that year.

KidZville, a town built just for the younger set, replaced Hanna-Barbera™ Land. It delighted the younger set with one-of-a-kind rides, activities, shows and attractions. The Taxi Jam Coaster, designed to be a child’s first roller coaster, opened here.

Volcano: The Blast Coaster, garnered international acclaim as the world’s fastest suspended roller coaster at the time. Cited as an ultimate ride for roller coaster enthusiasts, the Volcano also attracted attention as the world’s only coaster to shoot riders out of an angry, raging volcano. What’s more, the Volcano was built AROUND the existing, gigantic fiberglass Lost World Mountain.

KD Trivia #3: How fast can the Volcano go?

Nickolodeon’s Rugrats Tommy, Angelica and Chuckie made their home at Paramount’s Kings Dominion.

Paramount Action FX Theater replaced the Days of Thunder™ motion simulator theater and debuted an all-new action adventure film, James Bond 007: A License to Thrill.

Hurricane Reef Water Park nearly tripled in size to 16 acres and received an enormous new wave pool, among other exciting rides and amenities. It was renamed WaterWorks Water Park.

KD Trivia Answers
#1: Anaconda was the first looping roller coaster in the world to feature an underwater tunnel.
#2: 4,000,750 tons
#3: 75 miles per hour