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The Best Day Ever for: Families

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Friday, July 8th, 2016

There is no shortage of things to do at Kings Dominion, even if you are bringing small kids. The hardest part will be making sure you don’t miss anything! To help you have the Best Day Ever, we created this guide to visiting Kings Dominion with your family.

Depending on when you decide to visit, the lines can get pretty long. If you are planning on visiting during on a weekend or holiday be sure to get to the park as early as possible. The lines tend to get longer as the day goes on. In order to fit the most into your day, plan to get here as early as possible, preferably when the gates open.

Kings Dominion is great for kids. We’ve got an entire section of the park dedicated to the little ones called Planet Snoopy. While you might think the obvious move is to go straight for the kids section, you’d actually be better off starting with some of the more popular rides in the park.

To start your day off, head to Safari Village. While this section of the park houses some of the parks most intense rides, there are also a few that are great for kids. If your little one is taller than 40 inches, Avalanche is a great place to start. This coaster is perfect for the whole family. Instead of steep drops and intense inversions, this coaster mirrors a luge course by rolling down a u shaped track. The Scrambler is also a good family-friendly attraction available to anyone over 36 inches tall.

After Safari Village, make your way to Candy Apple Grove. The first family friendly stop here is Dodgem. This theme park staple is great for anyone over 48 inches tall.

Right next to dodgem is another classic, Wave Swinger. If your little ones are over 48 inches tall they will love this swing ride. If your child wants to ride a swing ride, but isn’t quite 48 inches, there’s a great alternative in Planet Snoopy – Charlie Brown’s Windup.

Across from Wave Swinger sits Bad Apple. This ride may be a little adventurous for some, but it’s open to anyone over 42 inches tall! Don’t let it fool you – this ride is quite the thrill and is a great compromise of big thrill and small thrill.

If you continue through Candy Apple Grove, you’ll get to the Carousel and Americana. These great rides are open to riders of any size!

Once you’ve rode your way through Candy Apple Grove, it’s on to Old Virginia! The first family-friendly ride you’ll come to will be Flying Eagles. This ride swings riders around in a winged car that you can control! Your ride experience will be different each time you ride (since you’re in control), which makes it a great option to ride over and over again. This ride is open to anyone over 36 inches tall.

Once back on the ground, you may want to check an entertainment guide. You’re now right by the Kings Dominion Theater, home of Cirque Imagine. This exciting show features some incredible acrobatics that will amaze the whole family. If there’s a show time approaching it may be a great chance too cool down and rest your legs while catching an exciting show. 

Whether you decide to go to Cirque imagine or not, the next ride on your tour should be the Blue Ridge Tollway. On this ride you’ll get to take a leisurely drive through the woods in an antique car. There’s no height requirement for passengers, but you must be over 48 inches to take the wheel.

Up next is Shenandoah Lumber Company. This log flume is a great way to cool off after a busy day walking through the park. As long as your child is over 36 inches, they are free to ride! Be alert – after the big drop, you might find a non-rider spraying you with a water gun!

After that it’s officially time to head to Planet Snoopy! Follow the path out of Old Virginia, then walk under the Eiffel Tower and you should see the giant Planet Snoopy sign. This are features 18 great rides designed especially for kids.

One of the main attractions at Planet Snoopy is the Woodstock Express, our very own kid-sized rollercoaster! It opened with the park in 1974 as one of the first attractions here. Woodstock Express takes you down larger drops and classic airtime hills. This is a great first coaster for kids over 40 inches tall and features an on-ride photo – perfect for capturing the memory.

You’ll also want to be sure to take a ride on Boo Blasters at Boo Hill. On this ride you’ll ride in a car traveling through a haunted house. On your ride you’ll use your Boo Blaster to zap any spooky ghosts you see along the way! This ride is open to riders of any height, but some small children might find the darkness frightening.

Be sure to keep an eye out for any Peanuts characters that may be wandering through the park. You won’t want to miss an opportunity to get a picture of your little ones with Charlie Brown or Snoopy. They also star in several great shows at the Peanuts Playhouse in Planet Snoopy.

Once finished up in Planet Snoopy, you’ve officially done it all! You’ve conquered the park! Now enjoy the silence as your kids struggle to stay awake in the back seat!

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